Oceans: Adventures at Sea


Oceans – The Social Logbook for Scuba Divers

In 2017, Fabien Cousteau partnered with the mobile application Oceans: Adventures at Sea created by Oceansio AB.

Oceans’ is a social network made for scuba divers and ocean explorers worldwide. Oceans’ is currently a free application on iOS and Android that allows users to keep location-based dive logs, pictures, and videos in the cloud and share observations with divers from around the world.

Users are inspired from other divers’ adventures by browsing through an endless global stream of divers’ logs, photos, and highlights. Together, the app creates a world map of explorers’ adventures, and can possibly bring users to the next destination in their oceanic journey.

Join the deep social network for scuba divers and ocean explorers worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting information about this innovative and useful app. To learn more visit oceans.io. Available for free on iOS and Android.




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