Curaçao Film Institute

The Curaçao Film Institute, Fabien Cousteau, and Relativity Education have agreed to develop the Fabien Cousteau OLC Underwater Cinematography Program at the Relativity School Curaçao branch campus. Students in this program will have the exclusive opportunity to study the art of underwater filmmaking through the guidance of Fabien Cousteau. Students will also have the chance to work on projects such as documenting OLC programs, generating visual content for both marketing and educational purposes, and collaborating on exciting documentary films that Fabien Cousteau is developing.

The art of cinematography is a complex marriage of light, motion, and story making all birthed within the creative mind and expressed thru the audio/visual medium. To say the least, it offers almost infinite possibilities of expression which are limited only by a person’s imagination. Mastering equipment and techniques for underwater still, audio/video shoots adds additional layers of complexity. The understanding of subjects such as new camera technologies, depth of field, refraction, light penetration as well as behavior of wildlife, dive gear & safety, and water dynamics are paramount to getting the shot and coming back safely. Experts from around the world (including some members of Fabien Cousteau’s own team) as well as equipment manufacturers and others will impart their knowledge to participants. In an alien liquid world where complexities and challenges are multiplied, the best way to get the shot is to be prepared for anything. Fabien Cousteau’s expedition motto: “expect the unexpected, that is what makes this the most exciting adventure on the planet”…

We will be announcing more details about this exciting program in the near future.

Curaçao Chronicle: Curaçao Film Institute Signs Historic MOU with Fabien Cousteau


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